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Keith Jackson

I used the services for the first time and applied visa for India. I must say I found the process extremley simple & easy. These guys also helped me with document upload. I also got my approved visa letter in 3 days. Awesome.

Fatima Orejuela
United Kingdom

Extremley Satisfied with services. Excellent People. I applied visa for Australia & recieved my visa in 24 hours, as promised on the website for urgent processing. Thank you

John Christopher
United States

I realized at the airport that I also need visa to travel turkey. My flight was leaving in 1 hour. I needed some one to help me over the phone as I was extremely worried about boarding my flight. Thank you jsdimmigration for providing visa in lesss than 30 minutes. Thank you very much.

Melissa Glennie

You made it so simple. I recieved my business visa for Sri Lanka in 48 hours. I will definately recommend your services to my office colleague. Thank you.  

Michael Rhyme
United States

I have used jsdimmigration services several times for applying visa for Turkey. Every time I get visa on time. They also helped in correction of my application as I had filled incorrect supporting document number which could have lead to visa rejection at the airport.

Ranjan De Silva
Sri Lanka

My visa for kenya was rejected twice. I was extremely worried. I contacted jsdimmigration and explained my sitaution. Their team helped me with new application and supporting documents. They got my visa approved in less than 3 days. Awesome!

Peter Digate
United States

I reached dubai from US and was suppose to board my connecting flight to India, that is when I realized I need India visa. I booked a hotel in dubai and postpone my flight for 1 day. I applied for visa through jsdimmigration and got my visa in 24 hours.Saved lot of money and possible cancellation of my trip. Thank you jsdimmigration.

Imie Chan
New Zealand

I work with travel agency and everytime I need visa for my customers I apply through jsdimmigration. It is easy to get visa through them. Specially when there is group of 10 or more customers. They verify each and every appplication to ensure 100% approval which saves time and hassel for me and my clients.

Jennie Roberts

Excellent service, after tyring and failing numberous time at official site, I applied for visa through jsdimmigartion. They charged small amount as service fee hwoever got my visa approved in 2 hours. value for money & easy to obtain visa. Thank you jsdimmigration.

Shane Theodore Lefler

Applying visa thourgh jsdimmigration is extremley simple and easy and it takes less than 10 minutes. I will definately recommend your website to my friends. Thank you.

Nadia Herbst
South Africa

Never thought obtaining a visa could be this easy. I applied visa for my family and got approved visa for everyone. My son pasport was expiring before 6 months, jsdimmigration team also helped me renew my sons passport on urgent basis. Extremely helfpful and professional.

Daniel Duncan

I realized 24 hours before my flight that I also need visa. I applied for same day visa with jsdimmigration and got my visa before my flight. I though I will miss my flight but thank you jsdimmigration for making my journey possible.


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